Smile design is an adaptation of your teeth to your gums lips and face shape for an aesthetic smile. Many treatment procedures are used to achieve an aesthetic smile. These are bleaching gum contouring bonding implants laminates and zirconium Cerec® and Emax® veneers. So how do we decide which full veneer to choose? Emax® Crown Cerec® Crowns or zirconium crowns? [Devamı]
1. Healthy teeth transfer chewing power to the jaw bone. If one or multiple teeth are lost loss of bone start to take place in the missing area as chewing powers can not be transferred to the jaw bone regularly. Dental implants acting as a natural tooth root help chewing power be transferred to the jaw bone regularly; thus level of [Devamı]
If you have malpositioned teeth especially in the front and you do not want to have dental braces invisalign system we may suggest invisalign system for you.  Invisalign is the name of a brand combining the words ‘invisible’ and ‘align’.This company creator of the latest technology in orthodonty has named this treatment.  Invisible aligners that are a series of transparent trays [Devamı]