Laminate Veneer

They are thin layers of dental ceramic placed over the tooth needing a improvement in appearance. 


They are used in:

  • Improving the structure and colour of teeth, which have discolouration and structural problems due to hereditary fluorosis or  usage of antibiotics in early ages and can not be improved by methods such a bleaching. 
  • Closing the spaces between teeth
  • Restoration of chipped and corroded front teeth
  • Readjustment of previous front teeth fillings that need alteration of colour and structure. 
  • Repairing slightly crooked anterior teeth as an alternative for orthodontic treatment.  

Biggest advantage of laminates are their requiring minimum preparation, thus preserving the material of teeth. In addition to that, main reason of laminates being preferred is their resisting permanent staining from tea, coffee and cigarette. 

Although they are fragile, once they are bonded on the tooth, they are durable. 

As they are translucent they have a natural appearance. 

Treatment has a result in a short time of two office visits. 

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