Dental Botox


One in three people suffer from Bruxism, which is a parafunctional habit of involuntarily grinding teeth mostly when sleeping. 

People suffering from bruxism may have dysfunctions in jaw bone that are irreversible. 


  • Restricted mouth opening size 
  • Clicking in jaw bone joint
  • Headaches, neck pain and; accordingly:
  • Flatenning and abrasion on teeth, sensitivity, gingival recession, teeth gaps, 
  • Fractures on teeth and implants,
  • Asymmetrical face.

Procteting jaw joint and teeth during this period is vitally important. Main treatment is dealing with stress, however botox is safely used on bruxism patients. 

Botulinum toxin injected in jaw muscles cause partial paralysis in muscles, and unintended contractions in muscles during sleep are prevented. It has an approximately 6 month effect. The patients quits his/her habit within this period. 

Gummy Smile

In dentistry Botox is used for cosmetic reasons besides treatment.

Excessive gingival display in smiles can be treated by botox and its effect lasts between 6-9 months. 

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