Adhesive Crowns

What are adhesive crowns? 

Being a part of preventive dentistry, adhesive bridges are one of the solutions for missing teeth. 

When are Adhesive bridges advised for you? 

In cases of possible periodontal prognosis, or cases that local anaesthesia cannot be tolerated and long term treatment can not be applied due to medical reasons; adhesive bridges are an alternative for traditional crown bridges. 

Why should i prefer adhesive bridges to traditional porcelain bridges? 

In traditional porcelain bridges, to support false tooth that will be used for the missing tooth, enamel of the adjacent teeth have to be removed. In adhesive bridges; this support is obtained by glass fibre bonds to the adjacent teeth. There is no unnecessary removals in healthy teeth. 

When are adhesive bridges not suitable? 

They can not be applies in cases of big gaps between teeth or deep bite disorders. 

What are the advantages of adhesive bridges?

  • No metal usage. 
  • No unnecessary enamel removal.  
  • No need for anaesthesia. 
  • No need for rehearsal, usually is ready in one office visit. 
  • No sensitivity for cold / hot due to enamel removal. 
  • No problems in gingiva around the bridge. 
  • You can have an aesthetic and functional bridge in one office visit. 

Why are adhesive bridges reinforced by glass fiber? 

Studies have shown that, considering their translucency, aesthetic appeal and capability to bond, most functional fibres in dentistry are glass fibres. Glass fibre, biomechanically similar to teeth and jaw bone. Coefficient of thermal expansion are close to composite resins. 

When aesthetic appeal is not crucial, polyethylene fibres are used in order to increase durability.

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