Whitening Teeth

Our teeth are discoloured due to lack of brushing, consuming cigarettes, tea, coffee and age. By special gels applied on your teeth, coloured organic and inorganic materials causing stain on the surface and deep layers of the teeth are dissolved. In case of caries and infection on the teeth, those should be treated before the process of whitening. 

Methods for whitening 

In office whitening: Most efficient and reliable method for whitening is in office professionally administered by a dentist. It is also known as laser teeth whitening. Cold light sources are used in this method. Whitening process last approximately 20-40 minutes. Colour of your teeth changes for at least 3-5 shades whiter. For a permanent result avoiding foods which contain colourful agents for at least a week.  After whitening process maintenance instructions are given; retouches by home style whitening gels. By using in office whitening procedure your teeth are brighter than before and you can maintain the results for a long time by following the instructions. 

Take - home teeth whitening: Special trays custom for your teeth are prepared for this method you are going to use at home. Whitening gels are inserted in these trays. By using these trays an hour a day you will gradually have your teeth whitened in 10-14 days. 

Combined Whitening: After in office whitening, reinforcement treatment you are going to apply at home will provide a permanent and impressive result. 

Single tooth whitening (internal bleaching): Crown on the tooth which has had an endodontic therapy in former is removed and whitening gel is put in. The application is repeated until the desired shade is achieved. 

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