Dental Technology

Panoramic Radiograph

It is a digital XRay machine capturing many diseases in the upper and lower jaws and teeth in a single image. Formations that are not visible to the eye such as dental caries, cysts and tumours can be detected by panoramic radiograph.

Cad/Cam Technology

By the Cad/Cam (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technology, full ceramic crowns made of ceramic and zirconium blocks, laminate veneers, inlays and onlays, zirconium crown and bridges can be applied single staged. We have been able to make functional and aesthetic applications with almost zero error for our guests having a limited time, particularly coming from abroad.

Ultrasonic Piezosurgery

Piezo surgery is designed to complete traditional methods and in some cases replace them for oral surgery, implantology and maxillofacial surgeries. Piezosurgery is a new technique allowing to make safe and efficient osteotomies using ultrasonic vibrations. 

Periodontal surgery, osteotomy, osteoplasty and autogenous grafts, implantology, alveolar bone fracture, sinus-lift, wisdom teeth removal, root fracture are some of the procedures piezosurgery is used.

Physio Dispenser

It is used in application of implants. A hole drillled in the jaw bone is prepared by means of physio dispenser. It is helpful in some surgical implements as well.

Apex Locator

It is a medical device used in root canal operation that gives a warning on the narrowest part of the root to determine the length of root canal space. Not only does Apex locator increase the success of the treatment, but also reduces the need of radiography and ensures the patients’ exposure to X rays.

Digital Anaesthesia

By the means of a new electronical system called digital anaesthesia, even the people who have a fear of needles/trypanophobia can have dental treatments. Tissue pressure on the area which anaesthesia will be applied is measured periodically by the sensors of the system; which provides nociceptors not to be stimulated, thus anaesthesia can be applied indolently.

Intraoral Camera

By the means of intraoral camera, you can see previous dental restorations, caries, tartar and post treatments in the first examination.


It is a computer aided radiography system, providing a detailed image of the teeth during root canal treatment.

Endodontic Motor

They are rotary tools specially designed for endodontic shaping. By means of rotary tools root canal treatments are faster and functional to apply.

Ozone Device

It is used to eliminate detrimental microorganisms, bacteria and fungus in the root canals and the gingiva.

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