Orthodontics is a specialty treatment corrects uneven and crooked teeth by means of dental braces and functional apparatus. 

Orthodontics give you an aesthetic and healthy smile. 

Before starting orthodontic treatment, teeth and gingiva should be healthy. Dental caries are fixed, maximum oral health is obtained. Treatment period is between 3-24 months and depends on the patient’s situation. 

As crooked and uneven teeth are difficult to clean, dental caries and gingival diseases are more probable to occur. Orthodontics helps eliminate these problems and protect your oral health. 

Starting age for orthodontics depends on the patient. For instance, in the age of 2-3, some preventive treatments on temporary teeth prevents or minimise crooked teeth and shifting jaw problems. 

In case of a skeletal problem the treatment should be started at the age of 6, while in dental problems starting age can be 12-14. Contrary to general belief, dental braces or invisalign can be applied to adults as well.

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