Root Canal Treatment

Tooth can be lost if the pulp tissue in the tooth is infected. 

How can infection be detected?

  • Pain on drinking or eating hot or cold foods / drinks
  • Ache at the jaw when biting
  • Inflammation in mouth and on face
  • Bad taste in mouth

If the infections has no symptoms it can only be seen on XRay. 

Trauma, dental injuries, deep dental caries are reasons of infection which can cause intense pain and abscesses. If untreated it will continue to be a source of infection and eventually your immune system will collapse. 

Root canal treatment requires two stages. 

At the first appointment infected nere tissue is removed, root canals are cleansed and a temporary filling is placed. 

At the second appointment temporary filling is removed, infections are examined and if there is no infection, filling is placed in canals and tooth. 

If seen necessary, porcelain crown can be applied in order to strengthen the tooth. 

Technologic devices in our clinic used for a succesful root canal treatment are

Apex Locator: It is a medical device used in root canal operation that gives a warning on the narrowest part of the root to determine the length of root canal space. Not only does Apex locator increase the success of the treatment, but also reduces the need of radiography and ensures the patients’ exposure to X rays.

RVG: It is a computer aided radiography system, providing a detailed image of the teeth during root canal treatment. 

Endodontic Motor: They are rotary tools specially designed for endodontic shaping. By means of rotary tools root canal treatments are faster and functional to apply.

Ozone Device: It is used to eliminate detrimental microorganisms, bacteria and fungus in the root canals and the gingiva and provides sterilisation. Usually the problem is solved without a necessity of antibiotics. 

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