What is invisalign orthodontic treatment? 

It is an orthodontic treatment without dental braces. Invisalign is the name of a brand, combining the words ‘invisible’ and ‘align’. This company, creator of the latest technology in orthodontics has named this treatment. 

Invisible aligners, which are a series of transparent trays custom made for patients. They correct crooked or uneven teeth and diestemas to their ideal position. 

How do teeth move without dental braces?

Your teeth are digitally measured and ideal position of your teeth are designed by the computer. By the CAD/CAM system, a transparent tray is manufactured for every 0.05 mm movement of the teeth. Each set of trays manifactured in sequence are worn by the patient in every 15 days. Therefore your teeth are corrected to their ideal position. 

Can i see the probable final result of the treatment immediately? 

Yes. Clincheck computer simulation we are using for treatment helps you see a model of your predicted treatment plan and talk to your doctor about important points for you. 

Is invisalign treatment suitable for me? 

Invisalign treatment does not require exodontia and make it possible to fix nearly all common teeth-straightening and bite issues of all ages. You will be informed in detail after examination.  

What are the advantages of invisalign treatment?

Transparent trays are almost invisible. Nobody will notice you are having an orthodontical treatment.

You can remove invisalign transparents sets whenever you like and you can eat or drink freely. 

They don’t involve metal and sharp edges, thus they are comfortable and do not cause allergic reactions.

It is a definite treatment and you can follow treatment process digitally. 

How long will invisalign treatment last compared to traditional dental braces? 

It depends on the case. Some cases last shorter with invisalign treatment. 

Can i start to have the treatment immediately? 

Before starting invisalign treatment, dental caries and tartar should be fixed and treated, as in dental braces treatment. 

Do the transparents trays contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?

No. You can safely use invisalign transparent trays any time of your life, including pregnancy and lactation.

Do i have to do anything in the end of my treatment process?

After completing an orthodontic treatment, whether with braces or Invisalign treatment, fixed braces, called as retainers, are used. These can not be seen and are used to prevent teeth from gradually shifting back toward their initial position.

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