No brace orthodontics (Invisalign)

If you have malpositioned teeth especially in the front, and you do not want to have dental braces, invisalign system we may suggest invisalign system for you.  Invisalign is the name of a brand, combining the words ‘invisible’ and ‘align’.This company, creator of the latest technology in orthodonty has named this treatment. 

Invisible aligners, that are a series of transparent trays custom made for patients. They correct crooked or uneven teeth and diestemas to their ideal position. 

Your treatment is almost invisible by means of transparent trays in invisalign system. Nobody recognises you are having a treatment. You can easily speak when the trays are on. It is more comfortable than the fixed braces method as you can remove the trays while eating. Oral hygiene of Inivisalign users are much higher than of fixed brace patients.

How does this system fix your teeth? 

In your first office visit, your teeth are digitally measured and a model analysis is designed by the computer. Ideal position of your teeth are found by means of a special computer simulation called Clincheck. By the CAD/CAM system, a transparent tray is manufactured for every 0.05 mm movement of the teeth. 

Each set of trays manifactured in sequence are worn by the patient in every 15 days. Therefore your teeth are corrected to their ideal positiondesigned by the computer. 

Today orthodontic treatments can be applied succesfully by fixed braces as well. However young and working people are seen to choose prosthetic treatment which requires removing the healthy tissue of the teeth; and reject orthodontic treatment due to the bad appearance of the metal braces on the teeth. 

Orthodontic treatment has been preferred more and is not a nightmare anymore for especially for working people having to speak consistently, obliged to take care of their appearance and care for their communication for their job with the help of invisalign system. 

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