Inlay and Onlay Fillings

Inlay and onlay fillings are known as porcelain fillings. 

They are aesthetic and durable treatments of completing the missing teeth with fillings produced in laboratories in cases of dental caries or tooth fractures. They are produced of composite reinforced by ceramic or fibre depending on the adjacent tooth. 

What are the differences between an inlay and an onlay?

They are named according to the space they take on a tooth. Inlay fillings restore a cavity in the centerline of a tooth while onlay restorations cover one or more tubercules of the tooth. 

In which cases inlay and onlay fillings are offered? 

 Inlays and Onlays are offered:

  • When the damage is quite extensive, on the other hand there is enough tooth structure so crowns are not required. 
  • When the tooth has no anatomical contact with other teeth. 
  • When missing material of the tooth is up to the edge of gingiva. 
  • When the patient is not able to stay still due to low mouth opening size, emetic reflex or any other medical reason. 
  • In hollow tooth in which food stick in 
  • When other methods of filling failed and fell out

What are the advantages of inlay and onlay fillings? 

  • They are aesthethic and durable. 
  • They preserve the healthy part of the tooth. 
  • Minimum chance of leakage and new dental caries to occur
  • Requires less time
  • They can not be distinguished from your natural teeth and they have a natural feeling as they fit anatomically perfect. 
  • Contact with the other teeth and tissue compatibility is perfect. 

How are inlay and onlay fillings applied?

After the decayed and damaged area of the tooth is removed, dimensions of the tooth are taken and a temporary filling is attached to the tooth. In the second appointment, inlay or onlay filling which has been prepared in laboratory is attached to the tooth with a special adhesive system. 

As inlay and onlay fillings are prepared in laboratory, the application can be completed in two office visits. Your dentist will give the decision depending on the healthy part of the tooth. 

In the first appointment, the decay is removed and dimensions of the tooth and the adjacent teeth are taken. The tooth is protected with a temporary filling until the permanent filling is ready. The impressions of the tooth are processed by a laboratory. 

In the second appointment the temporary filling is removed. Inlay and onlays are attached to the tooth with a special adhesive material. The closure is adjusted by the dentist and is polished. 

Do the inlay and onlay fillings need a special care?

 Inlay and onlay fillings require no greater level of care than any other tooth. Level of care they need is brushing, flossing and regular dentist visits like any other tooth. 

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